Lokkhi Chhele

Apr 27, 2020
Lokkhi Chhele

“Lokkhi Chhele” is an upcoming Indian Bengali language social drama movie. Film is directed by Kaushik Ganguly. Kaushik Ganguly has released the first look poster of his upcoming film Lokkhi Chhele starring his son Ujaan Ganguly ( Amir Hussain )as in the lead role. The story of this is inspired by a real-life incident and will be produced by Windows Production house. Film Shot mostly shooted in the rural interiors of “Purulia District”.

In the poster, Ujaan is seen holding a baby in his arms. But the most interesting part is that the newborn has four hands. This is the life story of a young doctor who stood against the social superstitions prevalent in the rural areas and is hell bent on bringing in a sea of changes among the villagers.  It has a very relevant social message and sheds light on the superstition and stigmas in rural India and Bengal.

When religion is the impetus for civil war, when crippling superstition and stubborn faith has blinded an independent nation, Lokkhi Chhele tells us a story of unconditional love and compassion in a dark hour of disillusionment – where, at the end, the only religion that stands steadfast, strong and undefeated is humanity.

Film will be release on August 2020. Date of release yet not revealed. ‘Lokkhi Chhele’ conveys a very important social message.

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