Maddy completes his coconut project in Palani

Actor Madhavan seems to have completed his coconut project in Palani, Dindigul. It looks like he is now moving on from the property. The actor shared pictures of the same and said that it was sad to leave the place. He wrote, “Finally Coconut growing project completed at Palani -Tamil Nadu-So satisfying to see a theory proved. Congratulations and much love to the new local owners-May this be as satisfying to as it was for us-Sad to leave this wonderful holy place .Thank you all at Palani.” It is said that the actor had purchased few hectares of land in Palani taluk and had planted guava and coconut saplings.

He added, “It was a fantastic project in which we grew super sweet and aromatic non Hybrid but pure dwarf variety coconuts on almost barren land. Will be putting out an article and paper for all the local farmers soon.”

In the meantime, the actor has also been involved in organic farming at his home in Mumbai. His balcony garden boasts of a wide variety of vegetables and fruits ladies finger, aubergine, broccoli, tomatoes and cucumber among others. He has also been sharing expert farming tips with his fans