Man arrested for trying to barge into Elnaaz Norouzi’s room at a property in Goa

Elnaaz Norouzi, who has been a part of some prominent web series like Sacred Games and other web shows, had a strange, uncalled-for visitor in Goa recently. The actress, who has completed two projects back-to-back, decided to stay back for a few days at a friend’s property at Anjuna post wrap-up. Late last week, she was in her room when someone bypassed the security to meet her. The man, who was travelling from Delhi, was arrested by the Anjuna Police after Elnaaz’s friends registered a complaint. He was released after he tendered a written apology to the actress. His family in Delhi, too, was notified about this incident. Recalling the incident, Elnaaz, who is now back in Mumbai, told BT, “I was shooting a project in Goa, and decided to stay back in Goa for a few days after I finished my work. I came to my friend’s property to spend some time. I even put up a story on my Instagram page and tagged my friends in it. On the same night, we were on the terrace celebrating someone’s birthday in our group, but I could not stay back as I was extremely tired. It was midnight, and I was on a video call with my mother when I saw someone from the window, trying to open the door to my room. I messaged my friends to check if they had sent anyone to deliver something. They hadn’t, so my friend, whose property it is, came over to check, but there was no one around. In the meantime, this trespasser went up to the terrace and tried to tell the other guests at the birthday party that I am his girlfriend. Eventually, he was caught the same night.

Elnaaz’s friends approached the authorities immediately. She shares, “My friends spent the rest of the night, almost up to morning at the Anjuna Police Station. Things could have spiralled out of control had my friends, and the police not acted swiftly on this. I could not sleep that night.”

In hindsight, Elnaaz believes the trespasser could probably get past the security guards by talking confidently about her. “Apparently, he had tried to open other rooms, too. His phone was found being charged in one of the rooms. The problem is that the security desk is far from where the rooms are. Since we were just a few people and because he mentioned my name and said that he is here for a birthday party, they let him in thinking he is a friend. The property is at a secluded spot, and very few people frequent the area. My family is very stressed about this incident. My dad wants me to hire private security. It’s scary when people do such things.”