Sushant had to slap me in a scene. By mistake his hand brushed my face and I started bleeding: Raunaq Kamdar, co-actor, Kai Po Che

Manali Manisha Dey and Abimanyu Mukherjee, who got their marriage registered on August 15, had their social marriage on Monday, in the presence of close family members. “We were waiting for Abhi’s (Abhimanyu) mother and elder brother to return from Mumbai. They were stuck there due to the pandemic. My father and grandfather were present at the do and Abhi’s parents were there to bless us. I missed my mother but I am sure she blessed us from up there,” said Manali.

Why did they decide to tie the knot in this pandemic? “Abhi and I decided to keep our marriage a close-knit family affair from the beginning. So, this present situation didn’t bother us much. I wore the sari Abhi’s mom gifted me and the jewelleries too were gifted by my mother-in-law. Abhi gifted me a ring which I will treasure for life,” said the new bride who did her makeup on her own yesterday. Did Abhimanyu compliment her on her big day? “Not for once. But everyone else did. Abhi is least bothered about the way I dress up. He lives in his own world, which includes television and his scripts,” said Manali, with a laugh. She added, “The menu yesterday was biriyani as our first date was over biriyani. Mutton too was part of the menu as Abhi loves it. What I like about Abhi are his simplicity and honesty. The best part is I don’t have to tell him if I am feeling sad, he can figure it out. Abhi has been my best friend and will continue to be so.”