Mandana Karimi extends support to Anurag Kashyap: Women are exploiting the power we fought for

Mandana Karimi penned a lengthy note, narrating how Anurag Kashyap has played the savior in her life and salvaged her professionally too. At a point when the filmmaker is facing sexual harassment charges, Mandana has revealed that Anurag Kashyap is not the one who would take advantage of any situation.

“Dear @anuragkashyap10, You made me see a side of me that I could not have seen otherwise. You came as a savior when I had lost hope in people. I had left the industry thinking that there is no place in it for strong women who seek a safe and respectful working environment. And you came in like a guardian angel, you made me a part of your family, showed me the way forward. You did not give me work, you taught me how to find work through my talent and hard work. For some of us would be lost without art and you are someone who is fighting for that light, in a world full of darkness. I have learned the difference between a genuine man and someone who wants to take advantage of my situation and I have learned it the hard way,” Mandana had shared.

Adding that she wants to stand with Anurag Kashyap in this fight, Mandana further wrote, “I was a part of the #Metoo movement and today the media is asking me to talk against you. Do they even know who you are? People are ready to jump to conclusions. We have no patience. We are so frustrated that we want to see other people suffer. Women are exploiting the power we fought for. In a world like this where we want our heroes behind bars, where will one find hope? I want to fight for you, I want to stand next to you in this fight but I have lost hope in people, yet again. But in you I believe and I know you will win this battle and every other challenge life throws at you because you are, the light.”

Payal Ghosh had alleged on Saturday that Anurag Kashyap had forced himself upon her, while the filmmaker had termed the accusations as ‘baseless’.