Manish Tiwari: The pandemic has made people more insecure and selfish

Actor Manish Tiwari, who has featured in Bollywood films like ‘Ramji Londonwaley’ (2005) and ‘Fruit and Nut’ (2009), believes that post the pandemic-induced lockdown, surviving in the entertainment industry has become more challenging. He says, “There are several challenges one needs to face to survive in Bollywood. But post the lockdown, such challenges have now increased. I thought after facing these struggles during the pandemic, people will become more helpful and kind, but nothing has changed. It has made people more insecure and selfish.”

Talking about the challenges one faces as an actor, he adds, “There are many challenges we deal with at each and every step as an actor in Bollywood such as rejections, compromise, leg pulling, frustration, depression, and so much more that one can’t even share. But one can only survive with honesty, hard work, kindness and by always believing in karma and destiny.”

Manish has featured on digital platforms and wants to try working for television shows, too. He shares, “As an actor, I wish to be a part of all the platforms. It’s a dream yet to be lived to have an opportunity to entertain people on TV. But hopefully, that will happen very soon. I have earlier worked as a theatre artist, too, and people have appreciated me. I have also worked as a casting director and I still enjoy that, as I believe that good actors playing the characters will justify a good story and add life to it.”