Manit Joura is grateful to his horses for bringing him back to Punjab

‘Kundali Bhagya’ and’ Prem Bandhan’ actor, Manit Joura is building a quiet place for himself on his father’s farmland in Punjab, a place he can take a break away from the din of Mumbai in between shoots. “I am grateful to my horses that have brought me back to my roots in Punjab. We would have sold the land had it not been for the horses. The land is very dear to me. I wish Bollywood would start shooting here,” says Manit who was in Punjab on his farmhouse recently for a short break. He adds, “Next year dad is taking a retirement and we have started developing the farm, making a space for myself to spend few days on. In the last 6-7 years I haven’t had time for myself.”

Manit says he likes to travel unplanned and that’s also when he has the maximum fun. “I like to go unplanned. As an artist, I don’t want to plan too much. And in Punjab one can do that. I can just get up and go to the tubewell, have makhan with paranthey, roam the fields.”

Since he has become so keen on the state, we are obviously curious to know if he has plans for doing Punjabi films? “Well, I did do a Punjabi song which I had written in the lockdown but couldn’t find time to shoot it. But now, with my farm home being constructed, I will start shooting it here with a dear friend, Deep who is in the Punjabi industry.”

But Manit says he is in no rush to jump on to the Punjabi bandwagon and will do so only when he is completely ready. “I am Punjabi, but for doing a film you need to be authentic, desi Punjabi. I have been brought up in a city, studied abroad and I am typically a metrosexual guy. So, I think I need more time to get into the typical desi Punjabi character. I was offered a film but they wanted to start shooting in January. But then I had started ‘Prem Bandhan’ and it was too early for me to take a break and do injustice to an existing project.”

Manit says, “When you are doing a film, you want to speak their language. People who watch the film should say, this is our man and not some Punjabi from Mumbai is acting here. But now that I have a script, I might shoot here either this year or early next year.”