Manushi Chhillar: It wasn’t a journey filled with roses!

Today she is busy working on her dream project, which is going to be her launchpad in Bollywood. Manushi Chhillar made India proud by winning the Miss World title in 2017. From there on she’s been upping her game in showbiz and how! When she looks back, the actress feels that she had never imagined this to be her life!

In fact, leaving behind her hometown Haryana and making Mumbai her home seems all a magic to her. “I wanted to become a doctor before! I had never even been to Mumbai before, until I participated in the pageant. A lot has happened in the last four years!”

She adds, “I didn’t know anyone in Mumbai. The city was completely new, and I was completely raw. Today, I refer Mumbai as home. In three years to build this kind of a relationship with the city is magical. Of course, it has not been a journey filled with roses. I feel at a very young age the kind of exposure I got, the right platform at the right time, it helped me. As I said, I was planning to be a doctor and this is the side I never explored. But, when I go to work today, I enjoy it.”