Masaba Gupta says she never 'outgrew' racist slurs and bullying during her school days

Ace fashion designer and actor Masaba Gupta has opened up about the racism and bullying she faced during her childhood because of her darker skin tone.

The star, who has never been one to shy away from sharing about the discriminations she faced over the years, spoke up about her difficult school days. In an interview with a news portal, the star revealed that the boys in her school would bully and pass cruel comments just because of the colour of her skin.

Opening up about some of the things during her school days that she never really outgrew, she shared that the boys in her tennis class would open her bag and toss her underwear around. She said that they would even make fun of the size of her sorts and pass rude remarks about the inside of the pant being black because of the colour of her skin.

Masaba also shared that her parents’ unconventional relationship was also a subject for taunts and nasty comments. She even admitted that more than the racist jibes, it was being called a “b***ard child” that hurt her. She recalled how a lot of boys in her school asked her about being an illegitimate child. As she didn’t understand what the slang word meant, she remembered going to her mother, Neena Guta and asking about it.

Besides revealing the meaning of the word, she recalled that her mother also told her to be prepared to “get more of this.”

The mother-daughter duo recently ventured into the OTT space together in a fun series. Post that, they have also featured together in various endorsement deals.