Meera Chopra upset after her friend loses both parents to Covid-19

Actress Meera Chopra (popularly known as Nila in Kollywood) is upset after her friend lost both his parents to the deadly Covid-19. The Anbe Aaruyire actress said that Covid is killing people and asked people to go out only if required. She advised everyone to wear masks while stepping out.

Meera wrote on her social media page, “One of my friend lost both his parents to covid few days bak. First mom and yesterday dad. Iam shocked and sad. #COVID19 is killing people. Things are opening but its not safe. Go out, meet people only if its required. Plz Wear masks!!”

The actress had recently shared her opinion on films releasing on OTT and had said that it was just not happening and that she was eagerly waiting for theatres to open. “New movies releasing on ott is just not happening, no excitement to watch them. I really hope producers wait for cinemas to open. Movies are primarily made for big screen, and i wish that does not change in future.”