Mental: It Can Be Your Love Story

Mental: It Can Be Your Love Story, is a Bangladeshi romantic-action thriller film. The film is directed by Shaminm Ahmed Roni and written by Abdullah Zahir and Daud Hussein. The film is produced by Parvez Chowdhury under the banner of Banglaxpress Films. The plot was inspired from Christopher Nolan’s Memento. Shakib Khan, Nusrat Imorse Tisha with Achol, Sabrina Porshi, Misha Sawdagor and Shimul Khan in supporting roles. The first theatrical look of the film was revealed on 1 February 2015. The film was released on Eid of 7 July 2016.

The official filming of Mental began in November 2014 in Dhaka. Scenes were filmed in Dhaka, and Sylhet while several scenes were filmed abroad. The soundtrack of the film was written by Prosen, Riddhi, Shomeshwar Oli, Zahid Hasan Abhi, Zahid Akbar and Rabiul Islam Jibon while the music was directed by Dabbu Ghoshal and Akassh. An underworld mafia steals valuable mineral resources and sell them over to international crime organization . Simi (Nusrat Imorse Tisha); a news reporter finds out and exposes the whole criminal chain to the media, despite all threats from them. An unknown, mysterious but affectionate and intimidating man comes up to help, The story revolves around revealing the true identity of him and his link to the Underworld.

Khan portrays the role of a generous businessman. Simi, portrayed by Tisha, is his love interest, and a crime news reporter. who is working on exposing corruptions of influential people of the society. Simi takes steps to fight the corrupt people, but soon realizes the influence of those men. Khan changes after a violent encounter in which his love interest, Simi was killed. The plot builds up around his quest to avenge the killing with aid of her research, in which she documents her encounter with her killers, who she planned to expose of corruption