Mira Rajput Kapoor shares her fitness mantra; says health is gold!

Mira Rajput Kapoor is one of those star wives who cannot compromise on the health of her family. Just like her actor husband Shahid Kapoor, Mira too is known to be extremely fitness conscious. She has been spotted on multiple occasions heading to the gym and is looked upon by many and often written about as a yummy mummy!

Mira who’s extremely conscious about her family members in terms of what they eat, has had a change in the routine, especially in these days, as the world is battling through the pandemic. While talking to Bombay Times, she said, “At a time like this all are focusing on health. Fitness is a job requirement. Heath is gold. Right now it is not about depriving yourself of food because you want to be in the best of shape. Instead, in the current scenario, it is about nourishing yourself so you can be in the pink of health.”

While she is a stickler for healthy diet, she too has her ‘cheat’ moments. In an earlier interaction with BT, Mira had also mentioned about the foodie side of hers, she had said, “Both of us, especially he (Shahid) loves to eat simple home cooked food. He doesn’t indulge in too much of bahar ka khaana. Whenever we go out (to have food), it is because of me, because I am tired of home food (laughs!).”