Mithila Palkar: Lessons the Karwaan actress learnt after her grandpa defeated COVID-19

Mithila Palkar feels relieved that her grandpa has defeated COVID-19 and life is back to normal at her home in Dadar, Mumbai. The Karwaan actress was worried as her grandfather was 93 years old and tested positive for the coronavirus in August. However, though old, after taking proper treatment he got cured.

Talking about the lessons learnt from the entire episode, Mithila says, “The news of coronavirus and its statistics has been making us panicky. People react with expressions like, ‘Oh my god, inke ghar COVID-19 patient hai.’ I have learnt that one should not fall into the pressure. Also, what works for others might not work for you, in terms of the treatment, as the immunity differs from person to person. Every patient responds differently to the treatment. Just that one must take the precautions and follow the doctor’s instructions well.”

It’s been 17 years that Mithila has been staying with her grandparents. Over the years the actress’s bond with her grandpa has only evolved. Talking about the bond she shares with him, Mithila adds, “I am very close to him. We are both very attached to each other. As time passed we became emotionally dependent on each other.”