#MoodyMonday: Aditya Seal answers some quirky rapid fire questions on clothes, food and dreams

‘Student of the Year 2’ actor Aditya Seal got chatty with ETimes and answered some truly quirky questions as part of our new series #MoodyMonday. From spilling the secret about his wardrobe to naming the actor he wishes to stalk, watch Adtiya Seal’s entertaining rapid fire with ETimes.

One food I can’t live without?

Too many actually, on top of my mind is Pizza.

When you open my wardrobe you will find lots of…?

When you open my wardrobe you will find lots of plain black T-shirts. I don’t know why but I just keep buying them.

If stranded on an island one book I would take with me?

I think Bear Grylls, it will help me survive.

My favourite long drive song is…?

There are actually three! John Mayer’s ‘Free Falling’, ‘Guaranteed’ by Eddie Vedder and ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay.

One show that I can binge watch anytime?

Friends and Entourage! I still watch them.

If I had the power to be invisible I would stalk…?

Definitely Matthew McConaughey, he is quite a mystery.

One recurring dream that I keep getting is of?

I am not much of a dreamer, but I do day dream. And my day dream is of a peaceful world. A very cliché answer, but it really bothers me, especially during this time. We can do with a lot of love and peace.

If I had to go without food or a partner?

I would choose food