May 6, 2020

Mridang is an upcoming Bollywood movie directed by Ritesh S Kumar. The movie stars Manoj Kumar Rao, Aaditya Singh and Rose Laskar. The story is inspired by a true story. The story is based on thinking and superstitions.

Aditya is a young lawyer and a modern thinker and his wife Sonam is a companion of Aditya in every sense. All seems good but his wife struggles with the fact that she cannot bear him a child. Sonam is of modern thinking, but one thing always keeps on breaking her mind told by a superstitious aunt.

One night, Sonam slips into a coma making him fight his own case and doing everything needed to protect the love of his life. He fights against law and religion. He is also caught roaming naked on the streets of Sultan Ganj. 

The movie will be releasing soon in 2021. Stay tuned to know more. Will keep you updated with the upcoming information regarding it. Would appreciate for your corporation.