Mugen attends workshop to prep for his role as a college student in Pollachi

Acting is serious business, and to make sure they pull off their parts perfectly, many actors attend training sessions and workshops. Mugen Rao is no different. The Malaysian-born Tamil will be playing a college student from Pollachi in his next film, Velan, and to ensure he gets the dialogues and slang right, the youngster attended workshops before going on floors with the film.

Debutant Kavin, who is helming the film, says, “I knew Mugen even before he won the title in Bigg Boss 3. He has churned out some amazing music and is a very good performer. But I was a little sceptical to approach him for the film because he lived in Malaysia and I didn’t know if that would work for us. But after the show, he became a household name here and has connected well with both youngsters and the family audience. Tamil movie buffs identify him. So, I met him right after he finished the show and signed him up for the role.”

He elaborates further, “Mugen plays a college student, who hails from an influential family in Pollachi. So, we had a workshop for him and Meenakshi Govindarajan, who is playing one of the female leads (she will be seen as a Palakkad ponnu). We had trainers from Koothu-P-Pattarai, who helped the two get the lines, slang, body language and scenes right. Sometimes, Mugen inadvertently gets a few Malaysian Tamil words in his lines, but he immediately corrects it.”

The team is presently shooting in Pollachi. “We have finished the talkie portion, and only two songs are left to be shot,” says Kavin, who has worked with Siva from Veeram to Annaatthe.

Maria Vincent, a theatre and film actress from Mollywood, will be playing the second lead. “We have an ensemble cast — Prabhu sir and Sri Ranjani play Mugen’s parents. Hareesh Peradi is the antagonist. Apart from romance, the film will also explore the equation between a father and son,” he informs.