“My body was in pain. Every muscle cried,” pens Aarya Babbar sharing his tale of training for marathon

The lockdown made a lot of people couch potato. However, some simply surrendering to the lazy lifestyle, some made their way out of it. And actor Aarya Babbar falls in the latter category. He challenged himself to be fitter and thus, started Marathon training during the lockdown.

Aarya started with a 5 km run and today has reached 9 km. The actor feels that he still has a long way to go as he aims at running the 2021 half marathon, which is 21 Km.

Further, elated by the pace of his growth that he has witnessed in around 3 months, the actor has shared a number of posts. First, he shared a throwback video, capturing the day 1 of his run. Posting it, Aarya wrote – “#ThrowbackThrusday 23rd JUNE 2020 ! This date holds a very special place in my heart besides the fact that its my dad’s b’day it also became the day when I started my marathon training 🏃🏻‍♂️ ! @bharatkapadia1 bhai who I fondly call my trainer, is my neighbour cum friend who was a complete pain before 23rd June 2020 (once the lockdown had opened) that Im not waking up and joining him for Runs bla bla (ps: he is a pro marathon runner). Perhaps quarantine had made me a bit laid back, my biological clock believed I was living in a different time zone 🤔 thus sleeping through the day & awake at night! But then I started on this day somehow and I genuinely thought Ill go past #BharatBhai in a few seconds but I was so slow and he was so fast that I could barely see him after a while 🤦🏻‍♂️. He had to keep taking U-turns encouraging me and pushing me to not give up at 3kms and finish 5kms no matter what and – I DID! My body was in pain. Every muscle cried. My legs, abused me. But my mind craved for the next run desperately! And I made a GOAL that if I can go on for the next 2 weeks ill run the Half Marathon 2021 – That is 21 kms! Since then it has been more than 3months and I havent missed a single Run🏃🏻‍♂️ #running #run #runner #fitness”

In the next post, he shared how the training changed his life. He quoted – “So 3months have passed and this is me 👆🏼 now! Forget the fact that running made me fitter but what it really did was that running made me happier! I couldnt believe that I was more mentally active, strong, energetic and positive! I have had to workout all my life coz cmon it comes in the package but anyone who knows me – knows – how I dislike working out 👎🏼. This was the first time I was enjoying a workout. Enjoying cardio?!? 😳 like how can anyone enjoy cardio! I think more than me my parents were shocked, my wife was sleep deprived, my friends were amused – basically saying the same thing “how is Aarya waking up so early at 5:15am and that also not for shoots but to go for runs?!” Im blessed to be shooting for 3 projects in such testing times and I really believe its coz of the positive aura one creates while he Runs.”

And last but not least, Aarya shared a video of him running and in the caption mentioned about his journey from 5 to 9 kms. He wrote – “Today its been more than 3months. The journey that started with a crawling 5kms has grown into a Fast 9kms🏃🏻‍♂️. Yes, Im running 9kms now 😃 I still have a long way to go if I wish to run the 2021 Half Marathon, 21kms. Right now, Im not even sure if covid-19, this situation would even allow the marathon to happen next year? But then thats what running is all about – the end result is not important, what is important is that you wake up, show up, have discipline and get better than what you were the last time!! Im blessed to have @bharatkapadia1 bhai who inspires me every single day to get better and my wife @babbarjasmine whose sleep has been constantly disturbed since these past few months but still keeps loving me. Women, they are a mystery. Hope I can inspire one of you too to get up, challenge yourself and become a better version of your own self mentally, emotionally and physically 🤗 Here to keep growing, keep running, keep Roaring!”

Meanwhile, on the work front, Aarya Babbar was shooting for a Punjabi movie before the lockdown. And most recently, he shared the poster of his upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Shashank’, which seems to be on the line of Sushant Singh Rajput’s case.