My Name Is Khan

Apr 14, 2020
My Name Is Khan

My Name Is Khan is a 2010 Indian drama film it was directed by Karan Johar, produced by Hiroo Yash Johar and Gauri Khan, and it’s starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in lead roles.

The film was jointly produced by  Red Chillies Entertainment  and Dharma Productions and was distributed by FOX Star Entertainment, which had bought the rights for the film for a sum of ₹100 crore (US$14 million), making it was  the most expensive Bollywood film of 2010. It was also the highest buy over for any Indian film,

My name is Khan tells story of Muslim people living in US before and after the 9/11 tragedy, Rizwan Khan who suffers from autism or commonly known as Asperger’s syndrome who is married to a single mother Mendira , after her son murderd she stays in her home struggling with the fact that her son’s murderers cannot be found. Khan sets out to travel across the country, attempting to meet the President and deliver his message so that Mendira will take him back.

 His journey is an examination of human kindness – he is supported by an African American Georgia family Mama Jenny when he helps her son, and in turn when a hurricane destroys Mama Jenny’s home, Khan Returns to help her rebuild, there are many other sidebar stories that occur during Khan’s mission to greet the President.

It premiered globally in cinemas on 12 February 2010, the film was broke many box office records. The movie was the highest-grossing Indian film overseas at the time, the movie earned a worldwide gross of ₹223 crore (US$31 million)

My Name Is Khan received Many Awards at the 56th Filmfare Awards, got Best three awards that included Best Director for Karan Johar, Best Actor for Shah Rukh Khan, and Best Actress for Kajol.

Shahrukh exudes the spirit of Rizwan in every breath and pulse of the film, putting in a performance that is beyond any benchmark of excellence

Kajol as Mandira, she looks incredibly beautiful and is as natural, intense and compelling as ever, playing the part with passion and depth and infusing it with energy and warmth, Jimmy Shergill is very effective as Rizwan’s brother Zakeer, who has always felt deprived by his mother because of his brother’s mental disorder.

Shabana Azmi was originally cast as Shah Rukh Khan’s mother, she left the production after his shoulder injury delayed the filming schedule.She was replaced in the role by Zarina Wahab

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