My work out type is more functional: Abhishek Singh

Actor Abhishek Singh has been high on fitness for the most part of his life. And since he started acting from being a corporate lawyer, he has been following fitness regimes more religiously.

“Since childhood, I have been into all kinds of sports. Be it cricket, football, athletics or tennis. I had always played a sport. Then for three years I took a fancy to learning boxing. For a couple of years after that I did mix martial arts too. I enjoy these a lot,” Abhishek said.

But the actor is keen on not gymming in a haywire manner just for the sake of looking pumped up. “I don’t lift weights per se. I don’t like the idea of it. My work out type is more functional. I must do the way I look. So, it involves a lot of pushing and pulling, ropes and skipping. It’s mostly using my own body weight,” Abhishek said.

He is also not very strict when it comes to diet. For a person who loves to enjoy life and is into fitness programmes, maintaining the balance is the key. “I don’t really follow a diet. I love to eat. But when I am shooting for a film, I try to eat a bit healthy by avoiding fried stuffs. Anyway, I don’t like them. On other times, I eat what comes my way!,” Abhishek said.