Nano So Phobia

May 4, 2020
Nano So Phobia

Nano So Phobia is an upcoming drama, thriller as well as dark humour generated short film directed by Rakesh Sain and Mrighdeep Singh Lamba and producer Sanjay Routray. The movie stars Swaroop Sampat, Arun Kushwah,Nidhi Singh, Jagdish Nandi and Hiral Parekh.

The film is a total mixture of humour, tension and drama and how a peculiar phobia of the lonely old woman turns into a nightmare and her fears.

Fear is something that resides in every human being, but when that fear starts dictating one’s life, the line between reality and nightmares gets blurred.  The story is based on Mrs. Balsara an elderly Parsi lady suffering from dementia, who stays alone, where as her daughter Meru lives in Boston. One sudden afternoon, Mrs. Balsara sees her servant Rancho entering her house with a mask and a big knife. Rancho tries to rob her of money. When he is busy counting the cash, Mrs. Balsara hits him with a potted rose plant and rushes to get help.

A young tenant finds Mrs. Balsara in a state of panic and calms her down, reminding her that Rancho had robbed her 6 months back. She tells her that she is having another flashback of the incident in a deep fear. Mrs. Balsara still confused heads back home, as the girl walks towards her car. Suddenly, Rancho lands on the car. The film ends with Mrs. Balsara smiling peacefully as she waters the wilted rose plant, she hit Rancho with. In its essence, the story talks about how a fragile woman threw out the fear resting in her mind and emerged a stronger person.

The movie will be releasing soon in 2021. Stay tuned to know more. Will keep you updated with the upcoming information regarding it. Would appreciate for your corporation.