Nature is asking us to pause, reflect, introspect: Soumitra Chatterjee

Like any other responsible citizen, Soumitra Chatterjee stayed at home during the lockdown reading a lot of books and writing down his thoughts. When lockdown ended initially he also completed the shoot of Parambrata Chattopadhyay’s ‘Abhijaan’ which is incidentally the legendary actor’s biography.

“Globally, we are passing through a difficult time. Economically, the loss is unthinkable. Our industry — Tollywood — has gone back a minimum of 10 years and it will take time to recover. Don’t know when this crisis will be over, and shooting will be regular like earlier. The big production houses might recover the loss with time, but small production houses or independent producers will face a tough time. No one knows when theatres will reopen and most importantly, if people will go to the theatres to watch films,” said a worried Soumitra during an exclusive chat with ETimes.

He added, “Shooting at home with mobile cameras became a trend recently, but in the long run, audiences want a grand stage for films. The masses get attracted to that. But like all others, I too hope we will sail through this situation and get back to normal life soon. The virus has taught us an important lesson — how insignificant and inconsequential we are to nature. We seemed to have lost all awareness and sense of direction. We were in a mad rush to nowhere. Nature has brought us to a halt. Nature is asking us to pause, reflect, introspect.”

The veteran actor will play himself in his biopic while Jisshu Sengupta will be seen as his younger version.