Neil Nitin Mukesh has just finished writing his second script. Guess the genre?

Nein Nitin Mukesh has been busy being a doting daddy and posting posting pictures and videos of his joyful moments with his daughter Nurvi on social media. But, the actor is keen on going back to the set of a film and do what he likes doing best, act! “‘Bypass Road’ released in 2019, but it released on an OTT platform on March 15 last year and on March 22 was when the lockdown started. And ever since then we’ve been really waiting to get back on a set. And I hope that that happens really soon, just taking a little precaution with we’ve been so patient for all this while waited so long the vaccines around the corner. So I just hope that once that’s done, maybe I’ll jump back on a set (sic),” the actor told Bombay Times.

Although we have not been able to see him on big screen for a while now, Neil has been writing scripts and reading a lot. He shares, “Meanwhile, I’ve been catching up on some really interesting content, I’ve been writing a lot, I’ve been reading a lot. And I’m very, very excited about how our audience has really latched on to some really great world cinema. So I’m hopeful about the kinds of genres that have opened up. And, you know, and the way our audience has now been educated. So it’s given us that opportunity of really exploring a lot more. And I personally have been writing a lot, I just finished writing a web series, which is a serial-killer based web series. It’s a thriller again and finished writing my next script for a feature film as well, which is again, a murder mystery. And so yeah, so I’ve been really enjoying the writing phase, I have always, you know, been very fascinated about telling stories, and I think that’s the most exciting part about films, you know, apart being an actor, which, of course, is priority number one. But I think the most amazing thing about cinema is that you can dream. And you can make sure that whatever you dream and whatever you have stories to tell, you can you can tell them, you can get them on screen, you can have so many millions of fans and people all across the globe. See your vision. And I think that’s most important for an artiste… I said let’s take to the writing and start developing the stories instead of waiting. And I think that just gave me a great creative, you know, satisfaction and outlet with with so much in me to, to kind of explore and I’m really excited about this, the writing phase as well. (sic).”