Nick Jonas reveals most songs in 'Spaceman' album are love letters to wife Priyanka Chopra

Nick Jonas is giving us all major husband goals with his latest revelation about his tribute of love to wife Priyanka Chopra. The singer, on Friday, dropped the title track of his third solo album, ‘Spaceman’.

Although touted to be an album that captures Jonas’ fears of ‘isolation’, it has also doubled up as a love letter to the love of his life. In an interview, the star described the album as a roadmap of a man finding his way back to his love and admitted that “most of the songs” are ‘love letters’ to his wife.

This won’t be the first time that the star has dedicated love songs for Chopra.

Last year, Nick won husband points when he dropped the song ‘Five More Minutes’ with the Jonas Brothers. Fans were convinced that a verse that Nick sang, was inspired by Priyanka.

‘Right now you just look too good to me; I cannot fathom letting you leave. You got important places to be, Just please not yet (2). Give me five more minutes,’ the verse read.

It was also said that the song ‘I Believe’ was another love ballad the singer wrote keeping his beautiful wife in mind.

The couple wed in 2018 and have since been a picture of marital bliss.