Nikki Galrani is a proud parent to two more dogs

That Nikki Galrani adores her pets, King Kong and Champ, is known. A strong advocate of animal rights and a fierce animal lover, the actress, it seems, has brought home two more puppies and is quite happy about parenting her pets.

Nikki shared an image of herself huddled with two puppies on Instagram and captioned it, “Two Steps To Happiness: 1. Get A Dog 2. Get More Dogs (sic).” When a usera sked her if she’s brought ‘new boys to the family’, Nikki responded with a profound ‘yaaaassss’! While it’s unclear if the two new dogs are part of a litter from her pets or if she’s adopted them, Nikki sure seems thrilled to have new additions in her family.

Earlier, speaking to us, Nikki had said she was always fond of dogs. “I always wanted to have dogs. But my parents didn’t encourage the idea. Since I am the youngest in the house, I was as good as a pet. It so happened that during my college days, my friends gifted me a dog. When I took it home, they couldn’t say no. But over the years, it was my mother who got so attached to Rocher, a Lhasa Apso. He is still in Bengaluru with my parents,” she said, adding, “When I moved to Chennai, it started getting lonely for me here as my parents and friends live in Bengaluru. I need someone at home and wanted to come back to a happy feeling. That’s when I got Champion (Cocker Spaniel). After some point, I didn’t want Champion to be alone and so, King Kong (Teacup Yorkie) came home.”