Nikki Galrani: Once you test positive for coronavirus, get yourself treated the right way

Nikki Galrani recently announced that she had tested positive for coronavirus. The actress, who was the road to recovery, told us that she self-quarantined at home and has been taking allopathy treatment. With over two weeks now, Nikki took to her social media handle to post a video that she has completely recovered.

In the video, Nikki said that she wanted to share her experience of handling oneself when they test positive. “The last couple of months hasn’t been easy for any of us. There has been so much fear and anxiety because of the COVID-19. Hence, I decided to share my experience. I had mild symptoms like fever, sore throat and headache. All of these lasted for about 5-6 days. I had completely lost sense of taste and smell, which went on for about 12 days. It gradually got back to normal. I had no idea how I was exposed to the virus. But as soon as I got symptoms, I got tested,” she said.

Nikki also added that people are scared to get the test done. She said, “I don’t know what their fear is – whether they will test positive or isolating oneself for 14 days. It is not bad as it sounds. You have your mobile phone, TV and you can talk to your loved ones everyday. But if you have symptoms, please get it checked. Once you test positive for coronavirus, get yourself treated the right way. People who are young, fit and have no medical issues can sail through it. But one should remember the older people living at your homes. I did come across people who are very relaxed and chilled out about it. They don’t realise the seriousness and end up spreading it.”

Nikki also said that one shouldn’t self-medicate. “We’ve all heard about the medicines, yes. But it differs from person to person. Do not self-prescribe medications. Consult your doctor,” she said, and added, “Doctors are working day in and out. Front-line workers have been working relentlessly, calling every patient affected, every day. My heartfelt gratitude to them and to all those who took the time out to send me your love and positivity.”