Nimrat Kaur: I am a big believer in old-world romance

Nimrat Kaur’s acclaimed film, ‘The Lunchbox’, was a story about love and finding a connect with someone even in the strangest of situations. It’s quite like the way she feels about love in real life, too. Talking about her idea of romance, the actress shares, “I’m a big believer in old-world romance. I feel that in a lifetime, you can meet many soulmates and experience many forms of love; it doesn’t have to be just one person. But at the same time, I am a hopeless romantic, and I do feel that the one love of your life is out there somewhere, so I find myself in between these two thoughts.” When asked what’s been the sweetest thing that someone has ever done for her, she says, “Oh, there have been so many. I’ve been blessed with a lot of love and lots of beautiful moments in my love life. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but there’s one that’s really special. I love sunflowers, and one time, this person sent me so many sunflowers that it filled my living room. It looked like a sunflower field, quite literally. In fact, I didn’t have vases to put them all in.”

‘There’s a lot of charm and beauty in earning a woman’s love’

Elaborating further on her idea of love, she shares, “I’m actually pretty old-school in my idea of a girl being absolutely swept off her feet, and I don’t mean with big and fancy things. I believe it’s all about the feeling, and being able to sense that there’s a thought being put into it. I think that the way our parents talk about how women were romanced in that era is beautiful. Nowadays, everything is very quick. Everyone just wants to know you and cut to the chase. There’s a lot of charm and beauty in earning a woman’s love, and that’s something that I wish for all girls out there, including myself.”

So, is there someone in her life? “I am not seeing anyone,” she says, adding, “I do hope to come across someone special in 2021. I’m an eternal romantic and an optimist, so I believe in true love being out there,” she concludes.