Nimrat Kaur: I am an absolute cinema lover and I make it a point to go to the movies at any given chance

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has thrown life off-kilter for a while now and things are limping back to normalcy. Several industries have been badly affected by it, including the entertainment industry. While the Unlock 4.0 guidelines which were recently announced hold no respite for cinema halls, theatre owners are hopeful of a green light to resume operations soon. Hashtags like #SupportMovieTheatres and #SaveCinema have been trending on social media and several celebs have come out in support of theatres. Nimrat Kaur, who loves watching movies in a cinema hall, reveals the first movie experience she had there and the impact it left on her.

How Nimrat had a surreal cinema experience years ago…

Nimrat says, “The first time I went to the movies was actually at an open-air theatre in Pune in the cantonment areas where we were posted at the time. And the very first film I saw there was ‘The Omen’. I remember I was petrified because I was watching a horror move on the big screen and at the same time I was fascinated as I had never seen a big screen in my life. I was all of six and it was just like a surreal experience. I remember it being a starlit night, it was pitch-dark though and we were at an outdoor, open-air ampitheatre. I have to say that it was the most indelible experience of watching a movie that I can recollect.”

Here’s why nothing comes close to the experience of a movie theatre for her

The actress adds, “I love going to the movies and I think the immortality of the experience you have of watching a film with 200 other people, is really irreplaceable. When the lights go out and the music starts, then laughing together with everyone, crying together, getting shocked while watching insane action films – to have the experience of watching all that on the big screen, honestly is just irreplaceable. Nothing quite comes close to that and I make it a point to go to the movies even if something is available online or on OTT or whatever. I am an absolute cinema lover and I make it a point to go to the movies at any given chance. And I go alone, too. When I want to watch a movie, I just show up: I get a ticket and I am there.”