'Nothing is going to be normal till the end of this year' said by John Abraham on coronavirus lockdown

Bollywood actor John Abraham is the pride of the country and carries love for india it in his heart. He is proved that to most of film is based on Patriotism. like Satyameva Jayate and Parmanu this film is also based on patriotism. He is proud  of our country it will be understand from not only his words and but also his actions.

John said about the current lockdown situation, ‘’ The Police, Army, doctors and all of them they are fight against coronavirus. Many workers do work in hospitals and many other areas to help poor persons. To get spread awareness about the coronavirus in many areas. They are very risky to his life. They are all real life superheros. John also give donation to government charity, funds but do not talk about anywhere. According to john, charity is silent work, do not have take popularity about this charity.

People said that about me, you done a grate job. People like me would not make it public, not even in a wrong way. Not even a PR person, where you find out “hey, john has been doing this, he has not told anybody, but he is told people to tell.” So I am right at the other end,” he said.

He has again said, about her lifestyle in lockdown, he is said there has not major change in my lifestyle during in lockdown. He has like to prefer home food, it will like eat food in home as comfortable. If people think that they will normal situation till march month end, but let’s wake up, nothing is going to be normal till the end of this year.