Om, Mimi cancel plans to celebrate first month of marriage

Mimi Dutta and Om recently completed a month as a married couple. But they couldn’t celebrate the day as Om is suffering from severe back pain. “We had plans to celebrate the completion of one month together but I injured my back just a day before that while working out. A few friends who were involved with our wedding were supposed to come over for dinner, but we had to cancel all plans. We were also planning a trip to Santiniketan but that had to be postponed too,” Om told us. When asked about the past month together, the actor said, “We are enjoying the new chapter in our life. The new responsibilities is something both of us are enjoying. Mimi is taking care of me, as I can’t move much because of back pain. From grocery shopping to cooking, she is doing everything on her own.” He added that he loves to cook. “So I have been cooking new dishes and my signature coffee for Mimi since our wedding.”