Pandemic becomes backdrop of Atanu’s documentary

Since the lockdown started, director Atanu Ghosh has believed that as a filmmaker, it is his responsibility to capture the present scenario. He believes after World War II, humanity has not faced a crisis like COVID-19 and the artistes like him should capture these moments in their respective art forms. For this reason, the director is making a documentary that talks about how the pandemic has changed the perception of the life of common people across the world.

Atanu had asked a group of people from across the world to share their views on this. “I requested several artists, social workers, filmmakers from across the world to send me their experiences and realizations about life during the pandemic. I have received some really interesting point of views from people,” said Atanu. At present, the project is being edited while he is also gathering few more opinions from people belonging to different parts of life.

Atanu was also busy watching entries for the Kolkata International Film Festival in the foreign film category. Though Atanu has not revealed the matter much, he said that he is one of the members in the selection committee and he is watching films. “They are being sent to us online and we are reviewing them to make a final list,” he added. When asked about how KIFF will take shape this year, he said things are being discussed.