Apr 30, 2020

“Panghrun” is an upcoming Indian Marathi language Musical Drama movie. It is written and directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. Film is producedd under the banner of Mahesh Manjrekar Films. Star cast of film Gauri Ingwale, Amol Bawdekar, Rohit Phalke,  Pravin Tarde and  Prabhakar.

India gained independence in 1947, but for the womenfolk, freedom was still a distant dream. It took a long period of struggle for the society to accept remarriage of widows or prevent underage girls from getting married in the first place. Pleas of women to lead a normal life had no place in a male-dominated society. Women were forced to abide by their traditional role, keeping forever mum, without being able to express their feelings, urges, or love.

PANGHRUN is a love story that takes place in this dark age when women could do no more than honor their family name, fall in love with a person chosen for them by someone else, and remain faithful to him at any cost. Inspired by a short story by the renowned poet and author B B Borkar.  PANGHRUN is a tragic tale of love, compassion and ultimate sacrifice one will make, to have a shot at redemption.

Film will be release on August 2020. So, Keep in touch to get more update about upcoming Marathi movie “Panghrun”.