Pankaj Tripathi feels that social media platforms should be used productively and positively

The insider-outsider debate in Bollywood continues to rage on. Several celebrities have shared their views on the subject over the past few months. And a lot of star kids have been targeted on social media with regards to this. In a recent online live chat session, Pankaj Tripathi said that social media had become a big part of our lives, and with that, came trolling as well. The actor said that often, people don’t realise that what they put up on social media, can have a deeply negative impact on the person who is being trolled. It is not possible to see what sort of effect one’s negative comment can have on someone because one can’t physically see the reaction of the person. Rather, Pankaj said that social media platforms should be used productively and positively.

The actor, who often goes live on social media to interact with his fans, also said that his almost two decades in the entertainment industry, had not always been easy. Pankaj, who has been a part of several acclaimed films, admitted that coming from rural India and studying in a Hindi medium school, meant that he faced certain hardships in the beginning of his career. However, he added that hard work and a desire to do good work coupled with an earnestness to give your best, had helped him a lot over the years. He also said that at the end of the day, it was the audience that accepted (or rejected) an actor.