Parthiban’s Oththa Seruppu Size 7, Madhumita’s K.D. make it to Melbourne film festival

The ongoing Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM) is all set to screen a hot of Tamil films virtually, and among them are Parthiban’s award-winning Oththa Seruppu Size 7 and Madhumita’s K.D. Gayathrie’s B Selvi & Daughters has also made it to the fest this year.

A source says, “The Indian Film Festival of Melbourne happens in August every year. But this time, it was pushed to November, and then rescheduled to happen virtually in October due to the pandemic. The festival started on October 23 and will go on till October 30.”

The source adds, “Of the notable Tamil names this year is Parthiban’s solo act, Oththa Seruppu Size 7, which will be available for screening till October 28. Madhumita’s KD, starring Yog Japee, Nagavishal and Mu Ramaswamy, was screened from October 24 to 26. Actress Gayathrie’s short film, B Selvi & Daughters, about the relationship between a mother and her daughter, will be on till October 30. In the short film section, IFFM will be screening Kodangi by Karthikeyan MS which stars Pradeepraj A, SS Jaisinth, Ramya Pajuwalu, Yogasri amongst others. The film tells type story of a man’s shift to chemical farming for greater profits and why he eventually was compelled to revert to the natural farming ways of his father.”