Payal Ghosh ready to apologise to Richa Chadha, Bombay High Court gives 2 days to file consent terms

After Richa Chadha filed a defamation case against actor Payal Ghosh for her “defamatory statement” made against her in an interview, the Bombay High court on Monday granted two days to Payal and Richa for filing their content terms to settle the matter in court. Reportedly, Ms. Ghosh is ready to apologize, however, she will only do so if Chadha guarantees to not file any further criminal charges against her after the settlement.

Payal’s lawyer told the justice, “After the last hearing, Ms. Chadha made certain statements to the media saying she has won the case. That resulted in Ms. Ghosh being trolled on social media. But she would like to settle the matter.”

During their last hearing date, the court also told both the involved parties that if they want to settle the matter, then it would be best to talk to each other instead of “others” and file the consent terms at the earliest. The next hearing of this case is marked on October 14.

Earlier, Payal Ghosh had tweeted saying, “am not apologizing to anyone. I have not wronged nor have I given a wrong statement about anyone. I just said what @anuragkashyap told me #SorryNotSorry’.’