Prakash Jha bats for the less privileged

For his recent cinematic outing, Prakash Jha found inspiration in a system frowned upon for facilitating the rich to become richer, and the poor, poorer. Finding significance as the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the functioning of the education system, Jha’s offering will shed light on how the less privileged are ignored in such circumstances. “Our system favours those who already have everything; power and money to access the best education,” says Jha, whose film, Pareeksha The Final Test, is based on a real-life story from Bihar, and highlights the plight of those belonging to low-income groups.

As classes moved online, few paid heed to how the development would affect those who couldn’t afford smart-phones to access them. “The masses in small towns don’t have smart phones. How will they be part of digital education? What will [a labouring] father, who may not have the means to pay even a Rs 10,000 fee, do?”

The Adil Hussain, Priyanka Bose, Sanjay Suru and Shubham Jha starrer showcases the experience of IPS officer Abhayanand Singh, who tutored meritorious students from low-income families for various entrance examinations.

Jha adds that opportunities should be afforded by all children, regardless of their wealth. “If you don’t create opportunities for a poor child, how will he even compete?”