Prarthana Behere: This is my third Navratri in London and I'm missing the festival

Prarthana Behere who is in London for shoot of her upcoming movie ‘Choomantar’ is spending great time with co-stars Suvrat Joshi, Rinku Rajguru and Rishi Saxena. This is the first Marathi film which is being shot abroad amid Covid-19 pandemic. Though Prarthana is happy to start working after the lockdown, she is also missing Navratri festivities a lot.

Prathana who quite busy with her shoot, took out some time to share her memories about Navratri with us. Being born in Baroda the ‘What’s Up Lagna’ movie actress is missing the Garba nights which are very special for her. She says “During college days I used to attend Garba nights. When I was in first year I won first prize at Garba event called ‘United Way’ which is one of the famous events at Baroda. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic scenario, there are no Garba nights happening anywhere. So, I am sure along with me all others are also missing the colorful events and Garba nights during this Navratri.”

Attached to the festival a lot, the actress is missing the Navratri vibes from India due to her shoots abroad, “Interestingly, it’s a fact that since last few years I am not in India during Navratri. A year before last I was shooting for the movie ‘Ti and Ti’ during the same period. Last year I was here for another movie and this year too I am shooting for ‘Choomantar’ in London. This is the major reason I am missing Navratri most. I am missing being with family. I miss that festival vibe.”

The actress who is shooting the film with Suvrat Joshi, Rinku Rajguru and Rishi Saxena also adds about her shooting experience amid pandemic. Before she signs off, she adds, “This time shooting experience is very different here in London. Usually it’s fun to shoot but this year everybody is under pressure due to Corona pandemic. London is not bustling as it used to be. Though we are taking care, everybody still has some fear back of their mind. We will be done with shoot soon and will be in Mumabi for Diwali.”