Prem Yogayog

May 1, 2020
Prem Yogayog

“Prem Yogayog” is an upcoming Indian Marathi language romantic drama movie. It is written and directed by Nitin Kamble. Star cast of film Madhura Vaidya and Vikrant Thankre is in lead role. Arun Nalawade, Sanjay Mone, Shubhangi Latkar and Tanvi Hegde. The film is Produced by Sushil Sharma and co-produced by Madhura Vaidya.  Film is produce under the banner of CMS Entertainment & Films

Human life is full of certainties and what one will face at some point of time and who one will meet at some point is something no one can predict but even in these times of uncertainties we meet some pleasant  people and we experience happy moments and one such happy uncertainty is falling in love which changes the lives of the people falling in love and this emotion of love binds them together and one such story is depicted in the coming film ‘Prem Yogayog’.  

A love story about two people falling in love accidentally and we will see such a love story in this film. The fresh, youthful and colorful love story. The romantic drama is set to release soon. Run time of movie 2 hour 10 minute.

Stay tuned to get more update about upcoming Marathi film “Prem Yogayog”.