Priyanka Chopra reveals she moved into a new house with Nick Jonas during quarantine

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas doled out massive couple goals with their adorable posts all through quarantine. Speaking about what she learned about her husband during, Priyanka jokingly shared in an interview that she still likes Nick after spending so much time with him. She added that because of the global pandemic they aligned their schedules together, moved into a new house and got the time to deck it up together.

Ever since her wedding to Nick, Priyanka has been travelling between US and India, thanks to her different work commitments. However, she had to stay put in LA because of the travel restrictions implemented because of the health scare. Spending months together, Priyanka described her time with Nick as ‘great’. Currently Priyanka Chopra is away in Germany, reportedly shooting for ‘Matrix 4’.

Interestingly, during this lockdown, Priyanka Chopra invested her time in penning a memoir. Speaking about her book, PC had previously told Bombay Times, “The book will give you an insight into my journey in my words… it’s sort of the ‘in-between interviews’ version of my life, the public version versus my real story. People may see it as a fairy tale. I’m glad it was perceived so. I’ve always been private about my struggles which I will discuss in the book.”