Priyanshu Painyuli: I am hugely impressed with Taapsee Pannu’s determination

Priyanshu Painyuli, who was seen in Extraction and a host of OTT shows, has been paired with Taapsee Pannu in Rashmi Rocket. The actor plays an army officer, who is also her husband and a sports coach in the drama. Priyanshu’s character is from an artillery regiment, who represents the army in sports and trains athletes in the army units. “In the line of his duty, my character meets Rashmi, played by Taapsee, in Gujarat and discovers her capabilities as an athlete. While the film dwells on their relationship, it also mirrors the lives of women athletes in India. It’s an important story and it needed to be told. It is not just an entertainment drama with thrills. The issues covered in this film are very important and have not yet been touched upon. It’s great that we could all get together for it. I was really excited to work with Taapsee. She’s one of the most versatile actors we have. I am hugely impressed with her determination to nail the nuances of the role.”

Although the actors had been prepping for their roles since January 2020, they only met on the set of the film for the first time towards the end of the year when the film rolled out in Pune. Priyanshu says, “We could not spend much time on workshops before the shoot. We had prepped and we were to start shooting before the lockdown last year. Everything was ready, we were all set. I remember that even at that time, Taapsee and I didnt meet because we were both doing different projects. Then, our shoot was pushed ahead due to the lockdown. And eventually, we straight jumped into the shooting schedule. I started meeting everyone from the third day of my shoot. When I met Taapse, her reaction was, ‘Ah! Finally, mil gaye!’ It was a fun start to a great schedule. The best part about her is that she is fiercely dedicated, sporty and competitive. She transformed dramatically, and she literally became an athlete for the film. I was wowed by that. You feel inspired as a co-star. Being a new guy, I wanted to work with her and learn from her, which I did.”