Pushkar Jog

Big Boss Marathi first season’s contestant Pushkar Jog made a mark in the show as he bagged the first runner up position.

The show which sees contestants from all walks of life compete with each other in a house where they have no access to the outside world. They do have any news updates or the whereabouts of the outside world and have to live with each other. Similarly, the lockdown, too, has pushed everyone to stay indoors without stepping out.

The Ti and Ti actor who was a part of the reality show, however, says that this lockdown that we are all in, is a milder one as compared to the one that he was a part of. Talking about it, Pushkar shares, “It is a milder Big Boss as we are with our family. We have access to TV, internet, pen and paper which wasn’t available in the show. You have all the updates of what’s happening around the world which was not possible in the BB house.”

The actor who is now spending time with his family shares that his stay in the BB house has taught him a lot and now he has been implementing those in the on-going lockdown. The actor quips, “I learnt a lot when I was in the show. I learnt to value small things in life. I learnt how to do various activities on my own which I wouldn’t do otherwise. Also, when you are away from your family for so long, you value you them even more. So, now that I am with my family during this lockdown, I am telling all my fans and followers that spend as much time as possible with family; who knows if you will get this time back.”