Pyaasa (1957)

Apr 11, 2020
Pyaasa (1957)

Pyaasa is a 1957 Indian drama film it was produced and directed by Guru Dutt , and it was written by Abrar Alvi , it starring Guru Dutt, Waheeda Rehman and Mala Sinha in a lead role.

This is one of the master piece of Guru Dutt. It’s his own life story. In real life he fell in love with Waheeda Rehman, but love was unsuccessful. This movie is based on his love story. Movie reminds us that the Golden Age of Hindi cinema was just that, truly golden. There is almost nothing at all to fault with this gem

In movie we can see many important issues which include unemployment, prostitution in all its worst colours, the exploitation of writers by publishers, breaking family cords etc. Handling of these problems leaves an indelible effect on the viewer and the film tries to shake the souls of the viewers

 In 2005, Pyaasa was rated as one of the 100 best films of all time by Time magazine, which called it the soulfully romantic of the lot. India times Movies ranks the movie amongst the Top 25 Must See Bollywood Films. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2011 Time magazine declared it one of the top 10 romantic movies of all time.

The film tells the story of Vijay, a struggling poet trying to make his works known in post-independence India, and Gulabo, a prostitute with a heart of gold, who helps to publish his poems 

The level of acting was also very high and special mention has to be made of Waheeda Rahman who shines the most with a role that allows her to grow through the film and draw the audience’s sympathy with her heartfelt and authentic portrayal, Guru Dutt was an excellent in an author-backed role which only he could play given he had the idea of how it should have been done. He gets into the skin of the character, and remains thoroughly in-sync with it and Mala Sinha was also brilliant as she was in probably every film and she displays the negative shades of her role as well as her inner compassion very well.

The music was composed by S.D. Burman.And the lyrics written by Sahir Ludhianwi fit the situations and enhance the effect of the film as usual. Mohammad Rafi also sang the songs in his inimitable style of playback acting which is also adds a gem to the film.

‘Pyaasa’ is Dutt’s achievement on multiple levels. One of the best of Indian cinema and no wonder why he’s recognized as one of the greatest filmmakers.