Radharavi wishes Vijayakant a speedy recovery

Actor- turned politician Vijayakant has been admitted to hospital after showing mild symptoms of Covid-19. The actor’s press release stated that he underwent a usual medical check up and he was found to have mild symptoms of Covid-19. Vijayakant’s friends and colleagues have been wishing him a speedy recovery on social media. After Sarathkumar, Radharavi has wished the actor a speedy recovery.

Radharavi released a statement on social media wishing the captain a speedy recovery. The statement said, ‘I was shocked after hearing my long- time friend, DMDK president Vijayakant has tested positive for Covid-19. I pray that he recovers soon and comes back. He will return home after recovering from Covid-19 soon. I have a request for the public, we still haven’t come out of the pandemic. Please be responsible, wear a mask and follow social distancing. Wash your hands frequently. We will have to keep ourselves safe from Covid-19.’

The actor’s press release said he is stable. The hospital said Vijayakant tested positive for Covid-19 on Septemver 22. Vijaykant is stable and is expected to make a full recovery and should be ready for discharge soon.