Rahul and Paoli Dam pair up for a slice of a life drama

Rahul Banerjee will soon start shooting for Indrani Chakraborty’s debut film ‘Chhad’ which also stars Paoli Dam, Rajnandini Paul and Ronojoy Bishnu. Indrani has previously directed a documentary, ‘Ladakh Chale Rickshawala’, which won the Best Exploration/Adventure Film award at the 65th National Film Awards.

“Chhad here represents the personal space and freedom of a person. Paoli plays the female protagonist and the story is about how she finds a sense of freedom on the terrace. There comes a point in her life when her access to the terrace gets prohibited and then she realizes what it means to her,” said Rahul.

When asked about his experience of working with Paoli, the actor said, “This is my eighth project with her and I feel she is a great co-actor and one of the finest actors we have in Tollywood. In fact, we are part of the mutual admiration club. The first schedule of the film is complete. I will start shooting in the second schedule and I am looking forward to it. I play Paoli’s husband,” said Rahul who is also playing a key role in Anjan Kanjilal’s film ‘Sahobashe’.