Rahul Dev: Great that gyms are open, but tread carefully

Gyms have reopened in Mumbai in accordance with the required SOPs and safety norms, which include six-feet distance, mandatory wearing of masks and face shields, staggered timings as well as a list of other rules. This has definitely brought about a sigh of relief among hardcore gym goers who can’t wait to get back to their workouts. One of them is actor Rahul Dev, who has welcomed the reopening decision. Speaking to Bombay Times, he says. “I have been exercising over three decades now. I sincerely feel exercise sets you free; it’s liberating. It’s great for the body and the spirit both, so in the opening of gyms is welcome decision. It’s great for the enterprises and it’s also great for people who are used to go to places and exercising.” He also shares a few words of advice. “The only thing to keep in mind is to just read on carefully. Go ahead with care. Keep on cleaning your palms, keep on cleaning the benches, keep in cleaning equipment that is in common usage and also adhere to the distance that is needed. Let’s stay safe.”

Rahul often takes to Instagram to share messages of motivation and positivity as well as a few travelgrams.