Rahul Dev on Vicky Kaushal being called 'cocaine addict': I am disgusted to even hear that

Bollywood has come under the scanner yet again after the Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case brought the drug abuse angle into the picture. Kangana Ranaut also claimed in one of her social media posts that 99 percent of people in the film industry engage in the use of drugs. Slamming the narrative, actor Rahul Dev reportedly told a news portal that he knows a lot of people who drink alcohol. But he is a teetotaler. He also added that he is 112 films old and if he was a drug addict, he would not have survived so long.

Elaborating more, he stated that he is a complete outsider and has been a part of showbiz for 30 years if you count modeling. He added that it is disappointing to hear people say that everybody does drugs.

Vicky Kaushal was also one of the actors who have been named among other actors as rumoured cocaine addicts. Talking about the same, Rahul reportedly said that he is disgusted to even hear that. He revealed that he has done about five to six films with Vicky’s father, Shyam Kaushal and according to him, they are very nice people.

He also added that Vicky is a fabulous actor and he gets into the character in all his films so well. According to him, it is an irresponsible statement to be made about an industry as a whole.