Rajan lashes out at producers for forming a new association

Only on August 3, veteran director Bharathirajaa had announced the formation of a new association for Kollywood producers — Tamil Film Active Producers Association (TFAPA). While the filmmaker had insisted that the association will not be a rival for the existing Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC), the new body has come in for criticism from a set of producers.

At a press meet on Thursday, a few senior producers, including Kalaipuli Thanu and K Rajan, came down heavily on the decision to start TFAPA, and asked the director to dissolve it as a mark of respect to TFPC, which was formed decades ago. They also questioned the need to come up with a separate body when the industry has come to standstill now.

In a brief chat with us, K Rajan lashes out at a few producers for their decision to form a new association. He says, “Last year, the state government had appointed a special officer after allegations of mismanagement had come up against the elected office bearers of TFPC. A nine-member team, that included Bharathirajaa and myself, was also formed through a GO to carry out pending works of the council. A new election for the TFPC is also expected to take place in September. Moreover, the film industry has come to standstill because of the pandemic. In a situation like this, a few people have manipulated Bharathirajaa to start this new organisation. They say the new association isn’t against TFPC. If that is so, then, why should they start a separate body? They should either sort out their problems with the help of TFPC or express their stand against TFPC with strong reasons. The people who are behind this new initiative had come up with other initiatives in the past as well, but all those became inactive within a few months of their announcement. In an industry like ours, all the parties involved should sit together and sort out issues. A few people doing this for their own vested interests isn’t the right way.”

Rajan adds that this decision has brought a bad name to the government, too. He points out that by starting a new association, Bharathirajaa and his team are indirectly conveying that the government was ineffective in sorting out things. He also alleges that it is their incapability and fear of facing elections, which have now led them to form a new association.

However, he doesn’t blame the senior director entirely. “Bharathirajaa isn’t the kind of person who’d want to create a rift, but he has been misled cleverly by others. TFPC has a history of more than 40 years. Forming an association as an alternative to it is equal to disrespecting it. I’m hearing that many producers are refusing to agree to the terms of TFAPA,” he claims.