Rajdeep Choudhury: Being on a Mediterranean diet has made me feel rejuvenated

Actor Rajdeep Choudhury who starred in ‘Jack and Dil’ and the British film ‘Check Your Privilege’ among others, has embarked on a Mediterranean diet after having some time in Spain. It’s had a positive effect on him and he took to his Insta account to post pictures of the change it has made on him. Speaking about this, Raj said, “I took to the diet sometime back whilst living in Spain and it has given me some amazing results. For one, it has given me a such feeling of well-being. It’s also helped me lower my body’s fat percentage and my energy levels are higher than ever. I definitely feel refreshed and rejuvenated on account of it. I find that can also concentrate for longer periods of time, too. The diet is basically about low on dairy and meat consumption and focuses more on plant-based protein. Apart from looking fit on screen for my upcoming project, I want to get that healthy lifestyle in my everyday life, so I am glad that I chose it.”

For someone who is fitness-conscious, he prefers beach workouts. The actor is currently in London and has family and friends there. He has been using the last few months catching up with them. An avid traveller, he regularly posts photos of places he has been to. He recently visited Sir Winston Churchill’s home – Blenheim Palace and shared: ‘Day out in this beautiful private house!’