Rajpal Yadav to play lead Sikh character for first time in Punjabi film

Rajpal Yadav, who is famous for his brand of comedy in Bollywood, is playing a Sardar character as lead in an underproduction Punjabi film, ‘Mithu Singh Da Viah’. Rajpal completed the shooting of the film in Patiala last week. This is Rajpal’s third Punjabi film, with the other two being, ‘Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh’ in 2019 and ‘R.S.V.P- Ronde Saare Vyah Picho’ in 2013. “Where I come from in UP, there is a whole settlement of Punjabis who converted sandy, barren lands into green fields swaying with agricultural produce. So, I have always had great respect for the Punjabi community,” Rajpal tells us. He adds, “I always believe that if we Hindus are like milk, Punjabis, Sikhs are the butter, the best part of that milk. Brought up with that kind of respect for Punjabis, I always desired to play a true Sikh character on screen someday. While I did play some such roles, but that was in a scene where I had to disguise myself as a Sardar and not a real Sardar character.” Talking about the kind of respect and popularity the Punjabi language, Rajpal says he is proud of his association with this region. “When you go to Canada you see boards in Punjabi. Can you tell me which other regional language enjoys that kind of respect? I felt so proud. While shooting in Patiala, I never felt as if I was shooting here for first time, such was the love I got from the locals and Punjabi actors shooting with me,” he says and adds, “I have done two other Punjabi films but this film matches my taste in Punjabi films. Among the 200 odd films of my career, this will be counted as one of my best.”

Playing the female lead opposite him is Punjabi music videos model, Anu Chaudhary. “We wanted a fresh face for the film, and she fit the role beautifully.”

The film will be a mix of Hindi and Punjabi. “I have done full justice to Punjabi language in the film. No one can say Rajpal is not from Punjabi background, after seeing the film. This will be wholesome entertainment for Punjabi audiences where people can watch the film with their families.”