Rakul Preet Singh is in the Maldives to ring in parents’ anniversary

For months now, because of the pandemic, Rakul Preet Singh has not been able to fi t a vacation into her hectic schedule. But now she has found the perfect occasion to take a short break to bring in her parents 31st anniversary. On Thursday, the actress, along with her parents and brother Aman Preet, left for Maldives though the big day which falls on November 26, is still a few days away.

“For the last few years, neither my brother nor I have been able to be with them on their special day, not even on the silver jubilee year. We have a romantic dinner planned for them by the sea, but the celebration will be a few days in advance as we fly back on Nov 24,” Rakul relays from the island country.

She adds that it has been over 10 years since the Singhs took a family vacation. “Ever since I moved out, it’s never been just the four of us. The most we have got is two days at home in Gurgaon, Hyderabad or Mumbai,” she rues, admitting that, as kids, they’d travel every month as her dad was in the army and moved around a lot. “We turned our travels into road trips. Once, when he was posted in Firozpur, we drove to the interiors of Rajasthan,” she reminisces.

Ever since shoots resumed, Rakul has been working nonstop, every day since August 29, with the exception of just three-four days. “I’ve wrapped up my Telugu film with Krish and a schedule of Sardar and Grandson with Arjun (Kapoor),” she informs. But work is the last thing on her mind at the moment. “We’re going scuba diving, hoverboarding, jet skiing and everything else we can squeeze in while in Maldives,” she rattles off excitedly.

Recently, Rakul joined the cast, that also includes Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgn, for the latter’s next directorial, Mayday, and she is over the moon. “The day I decided to become an actor, working with Bachchan sir was on the top of my to-do list. My dream will be fulfilled the day I shoot with him,” she shares, saying it’s also a privilege to reunite with Ajay, not just as a co-star but also as her director. “I feel lucky that he thought me worthy of sharing the screen with two of the biggest stars of our time.” The actress plays Ajay’s co-pilot and will start prep soon.

The day after she returns, she flies off to Chennai for a 10-day schedule of her Tamil film with Sivakarthikeyan. After that, she’ll undergo training for Mayday, to convincingly pass off as a pilot before they start shoot from mid-December.