Ram Gopal Varma to release the theme poster of Kabza for Upendra's birthday

For filmmaker R Chandru, his next, Kabza, is a first as far as its scale goes. The director-producer is making this Upendra-starrer film as a seven-language release, of which he is shooting three versions – Kannada, Telugu and Tamil and dubbing the rest. The film will see Upendra play an underworld don, who ruled over all of south India. In an earlier interview with the Bangalore Times, Upendra had spoken of the grandeur of the film. “The story is set in the period from 1947 all the way till the 70s. It is a period film. So, the sets play a very important role in the narration of this story. Not just the ambience and props, the team has sketched out details like lighting and effects to ensure the visuals are as good as real. The film is being shot on a big scale and the makers are set to bring in visual grandeur to our screens. Shooting for Kabza is going to take us an entire year. In that way, it is going to be one among my most challenging roles – it requires a lot of focus on perfection for each shot, so it will involve waiting to get a detailed set in place for every aspect of the narration,” he had said.

Had things gone according to plan, the film would have been closer to completion by now, but the pandemic has thrown everything into disarray for the team.

Right now, Chandru is busy overseeing the set work of the film, as he is looking at resuming shooting by the end of the month. But he has also got a special something for Upendra’s fans, considering that it is the Real Star’s birthday on September 18. At 5 pm on September 17, renowned filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma will release a theme poster of the film, which Chandru says will explain what his film is about. Now that would be interesting to see, right?